Senin, 26 Februari 2018

Culture of the Sundanese People in the Investment

The habit of saving or investing greatly affect the culture in a tribe in Indonesia, this is an ancient culture that is still used by some people in Java precisely the Sundanese people. The green and fertile nature is the great blessing of God, whereby all plants can grow easily in the land of Sunda. this is what affects the daily activities of the Sundanese people. 

Farming is a culture where the Sundanese people survive, in the case of farming Sundanese people in ancient times only knew to plant rice that harvest only once a year. Rice yields can not be saved, to add to the food source of the Sundanese people usually grow corn, cassava, and bananas. everything is not for sale just to eat a family. 

For savings Sundanese society is by raising cattle, cattle are one of the most animals in livestock because it has a high selling value. in one family in the Sundanese community usually has more than four livestock. The price of the cow will be very expensive when it is near the feast of Eid al-Adha, where the people of Sunda are almost entirely Islamic implement qurban, ie slaughtering cattle to be distributed to people.

to be continued...
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